Sunday, July 31, 2011

==Change in Adult Fiber Camp==

The Adult Fiber Camp will be Monday, Wednesday, THURSDAY. It originally was Friday. Aug 15,17 and 18.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3....Half Way....Fiber Camp

Today was very productive. Lots and lots of elbow grease...wet felting!(My speciality!) We used every fiber available to us today. It was a mecca of yarns, fibers, angelina, and whatever was around. We incorperated needle felting today too. So everything we learned this week was used today. Very creative little artists wow-ed me. It always warms my heart to see what these kids come up with. I guess it helps too, that we live in the most beautiful, inspiring environment around! Just look at these photos and the creations. Some have mentioned they want to enter some pieces to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. Yay! Exposure, now everyone will see how great they are. Bravo!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Two Fiber Camp

Wow, wow, wow! These kids are worker bees. Today we carded (combed/blended) the wool that they dyed all the wool you see, the kids colored! Actually, there is more that we will use tomorrow, so all that you see today, is only part of what they did yesterday. Also, today we learned how to needle felt. Some projects are still a masterpiece in the making and some are complete. We had so much fun, we almost forgot to stop for snack. Long day, but fruitful. Cannot wait until tomorrow......

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day One Fiber Camp

Today we had our first day of Fiber Camp at Maybelle Farm! What a wonderful bunch of kids. On the agenda for today was dying. We used food coloring, Easter egg dyes and kool-aid. Wonderful fun with color. The older kids also were able to blend some nice fibers with the carder using wool, alpaca, mohair and sparkly angelina.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finally Here!

Yes, it has been a while. Life changing events abound....good and bad. But, I am back with a summer schedule:) Yay!


4th Wardsboro, Vt
Annual Parade and all that goes with it!

11-15 Fiber Camp for Kids
It is back! Join us for another week of all things fiber. Maybelle Farm, $75 for
the week! Click on Maybelle Farm for info.

17th Wool Dying Workshop 10 a.m -3 p.m. $45 per person. At Maybelle Farm,
Wardsboro, Vt

31st Felted Bird Homes 10-3 $40 Maybelle Farm, Wardsboro, Vt


8-12 Fiber Camp for Kids
It is back! Join us for another week of all things fiber. Maybelle Farm, $75 for
the week! Click on Maybelle Farm for info.

15,17,19 Fiber Camp for Adults!! Yes that is right. Adults have been asking for this
class, so here it is. We will dye, spin and blend fiber on the 15th. On the
17th we will learn to Needle Felt. For the 19th we will Wet Felt! Learn how if
you dont know or learn new tricks if you already do. $75 for the week (includes
all materials) 6pm-9pm Maybelle Farm, Wardsboro, Vt

21st Felted Bird Homes 10-3 $40 Maybelle Farm, Wardsboro, Vt

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spring Classes!!

Here is a start of a schedule. If you want to register or need more information, email me or call 802.464.0638. I can now take all major credit cards...wwwweeeeeeee.


Saturday 2nd, Felted Flowers on a Vine, 10-4, Springfield, VT, Gallery At the Vault

Sunday 10th, Felted Eggs for Easter, 11:30-3:00, $35 at Maybelle Farm, Wardsboro, VT

Saturday 30th, May Flowers (think Mother's Day), 10-2, $35, at Maybelle Farm, Wardsboro, Vt


Sunday 15th, Spring Landscapes, 11:30-4, $40, Maybelle Farm, Wardsboro, Vt

Saturday 21, Jamaica Fiber Festival....Jamaica, Vt

Saturday 28th, Bird Homes, 10-2, $30, Maybelle Farm, Wardsboro, Vt


To Be Announced! Check often.


Monday 4th, Wardsboro Town Hall....fiber demo and sale

Fiber Camp for Kids tentative dates July 11th and August 8th for the whole week!